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How it works

Making a Donation

Making a donation

Tell us
what you have

Get in contact and let us know what you’ve got to donate. We will then come back with a quote based on volume of items donated. Unsure if we’ll accept it? Then give us a call - we take everything from flatpack furniture to laptops, certain build materials, to topsoil. You might be surprised!

We will

find a home

Once we’ve had a conversation, we will find homes for your items as quickly as we can. The earlier we know the quicker we can free you from your waste. We will do our best to pick up your donation as soon as possible.

We will tell you where it's gone

When your donation has found a home, we will send you a certificate to show the social impact you’ve made. You can use this on your social media (dont forget to tag us!) or you can share this with your clients. The more people know, the more people will work towards a circular, zero waste, economy.

Receiving a donation

Receiving a Donation

Tell us

what you need

Get in contact with us, sign your charity up on our system and let us know what you need. Events tend to generate a whole array of different items and materials, if it’s something specific you want us to look out for, then just give us a call - we receive everything from flatpack furniture, to build materials, in all kinds of quantities. You might be surprised!

Pick up

what you want

Once we have found items that match the donations you are looking for, we will organise the logistics for you to be able to pick the items up from their current owners. Please note, we operate on a local first basis. 


Once you have picked up your items, enjoy! If you can, please send us some images of the items in use, or tag us in your social media. We are working towards a zero waste circular economy and the more people know about it, the more donations we will receive for you to browse through on our platform.

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