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Curriculum of Creativity: Bett's Contribution to Educational Enrichment

In a showcase of sustainability meets community service, Bett UK, a leading educational exhibition, embarked on a mission to repurpose and donate an impressive array of cardboard tubes that once housed carpets, materials, and graphics for their 2024 event. Bett UK, organised by Hyve Events Group, wanted to ensure the tubes were not merely recycled but creatively reused to benefit local communities. Ranging from 2 to 4 meters in length and diameters between 15cm and 25cm, these tubes presented a unique opportunity for innovation and environmental stewardship. To do this Bett UK tapped into the charitable network at Event Cycle to find new ways to use the often discarded items. 

Eight diverse organisations rose to the occasion, each with a unique plan for transforming these tubes into tools of creativity and social value. From Edible Rotherhithe's commitment to integrating them into craft projects at Surrey Square Primary School to the Squirrels Community Scrap Scheme's initiative of offering them to members for arts and crafts, the spectrum of impact was vast. Shaftesbury High School PTA envisioned the tubes as raw materials for gift-making projects, turning them into desk tidies, pencil pots, wall features, and even imaginary cities, engaging KS3 pupils in a hands-on learning experience.

King Athelstan Primary School and The Federation of Tolworth Infant and Junior School both planned to ignite their students' creativity through crafting, envisioning the tubes as a catalyst for imaginative play and learning. Popboxart saw the potential to incorporate the tubes into their art workshops, further enriching the artistic exploration of preschool and school-aged children. Katey’s Nursery & Preschool and Burhill Primary School were eager to introduce these materials into their environments, recognising the endless possibilities for play, learning, and development.

Notably, the Save the World Club envisioned a more unconventional use, employing the tubes to construct a sci-fi film set, blending creativity with environmental consciousness. Meanwhile, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability aimed to utilise the tubes for activities within their Neuro-disability department, highlighting the versatility and therapeutic potential of these seemingly simple materials.

This initiative by Bett UK not only prevented potential waste of perfectly good to use cardboard tubes but also fostered a sense of community, creativity, and environmental responsibility. By bridging the gap between the educational sector and local organisations, these cardboard tubes became more than just a byproduct of an event; they became a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and social value, illustrating the profound impact of thoughtful, eco-conscious collaboration.

Want to integrate social value into your next event?

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