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Embracing Sustainability: Moët Hennessy's Donations That Make a Difference

When Moët Hennessy recently collaborated with Event Cycle, they tasked us with redistributing items that were no longer needed for the company’s activities. We were quick to respond and reach out to our network to ensure their generous donation was distributed to those who need it.

Moët Hennessy is the wines and spirits arm of the world-renowned LVMH, which includes some of the most prestigious brands. LVMH views protecting the environment as not simply an obligation, but an imperative

“Our position as a leader entails social and environmental responsibilities. We need to go further than simply meeting standards.”
Bernard Arnault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH

Their donation of metal glass holders, wellington boots, ice buckets, polo shirts and more were quickly reserved by our charities who were in need of useful, well-made items. A total of 232 individual items were donated and two of the organisations that benefitted from the donation were Team a5 Support and The United Anglo Caribbean Society.

A shirt that fits

Team a5 Support is a charitable organisation supporting homeless individuals with support needs. They work with domestic violence victims, ex-offenders, people recovering from mental illness and individuals misusing substances.

Many of Team a5 Support's clients are referred and or released with very little, in many cases they present with only the clothes on their backs and not much else. The charity, therefore, welcomes donations of all kinds.

Ify Agwuncha is an experienced Mental Health Nurse and Registered Manager at the charity, committed to supporting those with support needs. After Ify received our donation alert, she quickly reserved 30 polo shirts, which will be distributed to those that they support, who are in need of fresh, clean shirts to wear.

Glass half full for local charity

The United Anglo Caribbean Society (UACS) is a fantastic organisation that is working for senior citizens of all cultures within the wider communities, through a team of dedicated volunteers.

UACS supports the elderly and vulnerable from isolation by providing a safe place to meet and socialise with a hot meal. They also deliver food parcels, keep in touch by telephone and offer newsletters with activities.

Activities at their Uxbridge site include gentle exercise, dominoes club, health workshops, day trips, a celebration of cultural days, weekly bingo and a balanced 2-course Caribbean meal.

The team at UACS received 56 glass/jewellery holders which will be used creatively by the UACS members to decorate for the events held in their honour for self-fundraising.

Big or small, quirky or regular… We help find new homes for lots of different items and the benefit to the charity, whether small or huge, makes life that little bit easier for them, allowing them to grow and do more for their community. #EventCycleIt


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