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We believe that kindness is contagious so naturally, we want to share our success stories far and wide. Of course, we need your kindness in granting us permission first! 


The information provided below will be used to promote the work of Event Cycle, the brands and agencies we work with as well as the organisations who receive our donations. Any information provided, with the exception of your personal contact details, will be used on our website, social media channels and within any media we contribute to,  comment on or create. From time to time, we may highlight specific organisations in our content using this information, by completing this form you consent to the information being used in this way. We may be in touch for further questions should we select your organisation for this. 

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A picture is worth a thousand words so we want to see your happy faces, donating, collecting or using your items. You can even send us a video if you like!


Please make sure you have the correct authorisation to share the photo or video including the permission of the photographer/videographer and all those within the photo. For any images containing persons under the age of 18, please obtain the parents or carers permission before sharing photographs or videos We will require proof of permission. 

If you experience any difficulty, please email the media to:

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