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  • Flatpack Furniture: shelving, tables, chairs, sofas, racks (flat-packed, or already built)

  • General Furniture: shelving, tables, chairs, sofas, racks, whiteboards (Please make sure the fire label is still attached)

  • Stationery: can be loose pens, pencils, sticky notes, glue, cello tape, tape, and plastic boxes (please make sure they are still good to use)

  • Textiles: Cushions, Rugs, Curtains, Blankets

  • Household electrics: Lamps, Fans, Heaters

  • AV: Laptops, Tablets, Screens, TVs, Mobiles, Headphones, Speakers (cleared of former data, with chargers)

  • Art Supplies: Easels, Canvases, Paintbrushes

  • Decorations: Vases, Books, Knick Knacks, Games and Toys

  • Sports Equipment: Yoga mats, weights, tennis rackets and balls, footballs (any kind of sports balls really), bicycles, skateboards, scooters, goals and hoops,

  • Merchandise: Waterbottles, Mugs, Notebooks, Goodie-bags (without contents), clothing

  • Hygienic Supplies: Hand Sanitizer, small soaps, shampoos, conditioners (all still in original packaging/unused)

  • Set: Plinths, Lecterns, Desks, Stage Decks, Temporary Walling, small exhibition booth items

  • Building Materials: Wood, Foamex Boards, Paint, Screws, (if they come in the original packaging), Carpet, tarps, some graphics boards (we can only take a certain amount of these items, if there is a request from a charity!)

  • Garden Supplies: Soil, flowers, shrubs, gardening equipment (since this is specific, please let us know beforehand if you are planning on donating this!) in some instances we will be able to accept cut flowers, if they are already in bouquets (nursing homes enjoy these)

  • Food: Closed Water Bottles, Tuck box, Non-perishable items (if you have a larger amount of perishable food that you have leftover, please still get in touch - we are happy to point you in the right direction


  • Rubbish: please don't send us out right rubbish, i.e. the contents of your last sweep of the venue

  • Event Copy: we don't need flyers, programmes, or conference content. We will happily take empty notepads, but no event specific handouts, please.

  • Perishable Food: we don't have the space to store these. If you do have perishable food you would like to get rid of, we will happily point you in the right direction.

  • Alcohol: due to legal reasons we can't accept this

  • Carpet Scraps: we tend to require decent amounts to be able to lay it into people's homes - small scraps won't be sufficient.

  • Broken items:: Anything that is beyond small repairs, or past small bumps. Think about who will want to use the items post event! We will be able to make small repairs, but nothing large scale.

  • Lost & Found:: Once we receive it at our warehouse, we handle it as if it was bulk. It will be tricky to find "that one important notebook" or "the special fountain pen".

  • Cardboard Boxes: of course, we will accept cardboard boxes that include donations, but please don't just send us your paper recycling, or any other recycling (e.g. empty plastic bottles).

  • Used items: especially in times of COVID, please don't send us opened water bottles, shampoo bottles, and anything that is clearly nearly empty.

  • Valuables: items like jewellery or money

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