Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Just give us a call or write us a message, we will get you added to our system.

How can I get access to your platform?

If you are a charity, you will receive immediate access on registration to our system. If you are from the events industry, you will receive access once you have subscribed to the monthly contribution system.

I have just donated an item. Why is it not on the platform yet?

Sometimes we will have charities waiting for specific items, and it might be the case that these items are picked up directly by the charity, hence surpassing the platform altogether. Sometimes our busy bees at the warehouse are processing your donation and adding it to the platform as soon as they can.

I have something I want to donate. Will you take it?

Please have an inital look at our webpage "donations". If you have something that is not on that list, please just give us a call, we might still be able to accommodate your donation!

Charities: Can I update my donation requests?

Yes! Go to "My Account Page" and in the left hand menu you will find a menu item labeled "My Donation Requests". You can update your request list here along with all the key details for your organisation. This can be done as often as you like. For new members please allow 5 working days for your information to update on the system.