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A second life for stationery

The Information Security Forum (ISF) helps organisations develop cyber resilience and find solutions to the current security challenges we face in our digital world. Putting on global events with thousands of attendees, the events team have a big job on their hands alongside the challenge of hitting sustainable goals.

Whilst trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible a rebrand during the pandemic rendered a number of their stationery items redundant. The team got in touch with Event Cycle to make sure the leftover stationery ended up somewhere useful rather than in landfill.

Located within 7 miles of the ISF London office is the Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre, a community centre that was established in 1968. Their mission is to improve education and welfare opportunities for local people and improve the quality of life for all sections of their community by reducing levels of poverty and providing support to those who need it most. Their space is a place where people can come together to express their differences, needs and interests and to establish common ground for living a peaceful and prosperous life, where everyone is appreciated as valued members of the community.

The centre, which is open seven days a week, provides local people the opportunity to develop new skills, take up training and increase their employment prospects and engages with the community at every level in order to address the social inclusion and community cohesion agenda. Not only that but they offer activities for every age including an over 50’s social club, healthy cooking and well-being workshops, leisure and sports activities as well as trips, outings and seasonal activities and celebrations.

The items donated by the ISF will be used during the centre’s employment skills workshops which focus on job application support, using social media to apply for jobs (LinkedIn), putting together CVs and interview skills.

If a rebrand is coming your way, let us know. Maybe we can stop the old items ending up in skips.

Repurpose after a rebrand with Event Cycle! Get in touch.


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