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Amplify: Office donations help mental health in the events industry

Amplify has been working with Event Cycle to repurpose event materials on behalf of their clients and their projects over

the course of the past few months. So when it came to making changes around their London office, Event Cycle was, of course, the first port of call.

With no need for a delightful purple armchair, tall stools, some office chairs, cushions and some water coolers, Event Cycle got to work making sure all of these items could be placed in the London community to have a longer life.

The office chairs and water coolers are off to help a community hub where waste is in their name but not in their nature. Waste Not Want Not Battersea collects and distributes surplus food ensuring the perfectly edible items are channelled to the local community. Rather than to the bin. With the water coolers available for those collecting food, the office chairs are being taken to use in the charity’s meeting room.

Another food project took the armchair, not for their own use but for the benefit of one of their regulars. The Community FOOD AID Project based Vauxhall supports Spanish speaking and Portuguese communities, refugees, the elderly and those on low income. For one man in particular the journey to the food bank is a big effort and there is no comfortable place for him to sit when he arrives, so this purple armchair is perfect to keep him happy and comfortable whilst he collects his food.

And a little closer to home for those in the events industry, the high stools and cushions are being used by EventWell. The not-for-profit social enterprise aims to educate, campaign and support better mental health and wellbeing for event professionals. They do this by offering wellbeing at work programmes and hubs and quiet rooms at events, to support on-site mental health and wellbeing. The stools and cushions made their way to their very first event International Confex, held the London ExCeL .

Amplify’s founder Jonathan Emmins applauds the initiative:

“We’re always looking for ways to make the event and experience industry more sustainable. Organisations like Event Cycle are a huge step forward, and we’re proud to be part of a socially-responsible solution - we all need to play a part.”

By choosing to donate leftover event materials to charities, community groups and social enterprises a positive impact is created for both people and the planet. Don't just think about your waste streams, think about your social streams too.


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