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Charity Shoutout: Save the World Club

Whilst many of our Success Stories focus on the donations we receive from our clients and the good they do in the community surrounding their events, we also make a special effort to highlight the work of some of the organisations within our network. Whether they’re working towards the same sustainability goals as us or doing something that needs to be shouted about. Here’s this month’s Charity Shoutout for Save the World Club.

It was a rainy afternoon when I ventured down to visit a small barn located alongside one of the lesser known south London train stations, Berrylands. With the contrast of the grey skies outside I find myself standing in a curious space full of colour, life and more than a few interesting items, parrots, paintings hanging from the ceiling, picture books, plenty of furniture and a stuffed half moon. This collection of unconnected pieces is ever evolving, some stay for a short time, others find their owners after a long time but they are all kept with the intention of living another life once they are gone rather than ending up in the bin.

From the back of the building come noises of chain rotations and bicycle bells whilst up in the front I hear chatter from volunteers talking about who they’ve been helping this week. The Save the World Club is a hive of activity dedicated to helping the community, encouraging upcycling and keeping rescued goods from ending up in landfill.

Whilst the warehouse workers sort through the many donations they receive, the office upstairs is busy working out where their next batch of food donations is coming from to make sure they can deliver to those who are facing food poverty now and in the coming months.

To help those who need to get around without spending too much money but cannot afford the transport in the first place, the club have Fullcycle, a space created to refurbish old and abandoned bikes to give away. Workshops, meetings and crafts events are hosted here too, all to aid the community the club serves and help out where they can provide not only affordable furniture and ad-hoc items but all important support too.

Des Kay, the founder tells us more about who and how they help:

Save the World Club was established in 1985 to empower the community to initiate environmental activities to ensure a sustainable future for all. If you're looking for something a little bit different for your next project, show or event it might be worth an afternoon adventure. You can find out more here.


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