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Discovering New Life for Event Leftovers: A Tale of Collaboration and Impact with Marble LDN

Event Cycle recently collaborated with Marble LDN to repurpose items from a fantastic event held at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. The Red Bull Gaming Sphere, renowned for supporting creators, esports professionals, and gaming communities, hosted a captivating event filled with energy and excitement by HP Omen, inviting down influencers and industry experts in the showcase of their new rebrand and gaming hardware. However, as the event concluded, a variety of items

remained: clothing, lava lamps, bean bags, bar stools, a skateboard, Rubik's cubes, a pinboard, a cube game, slinkies, inflatable chairs and yoyos.

Marble LDN saw an opportunity to make a positive impact with their leftover event materials and worked with Event cycle to place the items with three incredible charities.

The first charity, Endure Mentoring, aims to change the lives of young people and ex-offenders in disadvantaged London communities through mentoring and support. They received the clothing, lava lamps, bean bags, and bar stools. These items are going to be put to use in a community sensory space specifically designed for special needs children, creating an environment where they can thrive and explore.

The second charity, United Anglo Caribbean Society, is focused on supporting the elderly and vulnerable, providing them with a safe place to socialise and enjoy hot meals. They received the Rubik's cubes, pin board, and cube game. These games will bring joy and engagement to the elderly, offering them a chance to have fun and connect with others in their community.

Lastly, Event Cycle worked with The People's Army, a charity dedicated to supporting low-income families, the homeless, and vulnerable individuals. They received the slinkies, inflatable chairs and yoyos. These items will be used in events organised for the local low-income community, providing them with opportunities for enjoyment and engagement with each other.

Through the collaboration of Event Cycle, Marble LDN, and these remarkable charities, the remnants of the event found new life, extending their impact far beyond the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. Embodying the spirit of sustainability and community support the event leftovers have been transformed into tools of empowerment and joy.


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