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Donating branded clothing: When old event banners are put to use patching jackets

The creative engagement agency Audience has an enviable list of clients on its roster. This includes Warner Bros., Virgin Media and Google Cloud. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to work on or even attend an Audience event, you’ll be familiar with the great outfits that their ambassadors wear when standing outside.

With some jackets looking slightly worse for wear but still perfectly good to use, the brand wanted to create a positive impact rather than send them for recycling. Audience got in touch with Event Cycle to help them with the process, knowing we had a band of merry sewers on standby to address the issues around branding on the clothing.

At Event Cycle we’ve been working with a number of sewers across the country to repurpose items like banner graphics and building wraps, getting them made into washbags, handbags, pencil cases and bumbags. With some material still waiting to be sewn, we sent the branded jackets to a London-based sewer, Alex, to use the old banner fabric to cover up the embroidered event branding front and back.

We sent them on Monday afternoon and they were ready to be donated by Thursday. The destination? The White Eagle Appeal.

Initiated by The White Eagle Club, a Polish community centre in Balham, the White Eagle Appeal has grown to a large-scale operation dispatching up to 5 HGV’s a day to Ukraine. As soon as the war broke out The White Eagle Club put out a request to the community for donations, which are sorted and delivered to the Ukrainian border using their logistic supply chain already established for their Polish food import business. Within the first 3 weeks of the war, they had delivered over 1000 tonnes of essential supplies. They are now working with the Polish embassy, Caritas, and the Ukrainian government to send aid to where it is most needed. The jackets have been added to their donation effort and are now keeping someone warm whilst they are escaping an awful situation.

We’re always thinking of new ways to keep materials in use and out of landfill. Send us a message to find out more.


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