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Donations to start a sewing class

We’re built a great relationship with the team at Picnic Productions over the past year with donations from fashion shows, gala dinners and on this occasion from a very special in-store installation.

Picnic are the proud producers of the ever-changing interior of the Koibird store in Marylebone. The often opulent space evolves as the pieces on offer change, creating a new experience each time a customer walks in.

This project, titled, Koibird Hosts a Party, recast the customer as the perfect host; bringing their wardrobe to life with elegant loungewear whilst letting them curate a beautiful tablescape filled with kaleidoscopic homewares. The idea was to capture people’s appetite for celebrating the freedom granted back to us post-lockdown and the appetite to get together with friends and socialise. To ensure the ambience created was suitable for the setting, the walls were draped in purple and green velvet fabric to create a feeling of comfort whilst still appearing kooky.

As always, Picnic didn’t want to see the fabric go to waste once it was finished with so the team here at Event Cycle got work to see what we could do with it all. And we found a home in a community hub.

The Caxton House Community Centre based in Archway, North London is a local hub working towards a more cohesive and inclusive community. The centre provides a home to organisations supporting those in need as well as putting on a whole range of activities for the neighbourhood.

With the goals of helping community development and encouraging people of the neighbourhood to responsibly solve problems, the centre puts on education, health and well-being programmes and hosts services addressing employability, training and advice. To help with self-confidence and inclusion there are a number of weekly activities to get involved with including art projects, sports, fitness and theatre.

One of the new activities for the centre starting this month will be sewing classes and this is where some of the donated fabric will be used. Inviting individuals to learn everything from basic needlework to planning patterns, the class will be another project to help the community get involved, make new friends and create something new in the process. The classes, which will run for 12 months, will get the attendees to create patchwork items ready for display at the centre’s annual Craft Exhibition where a current Craft Group already manages to fill a hall with the pieces they create.

On a very similar vein, the 1st South Battersea Brownies were looking for some fabric to use in their arts, crafts and sewing session so we made sure they got a share of the donation too.

Waste not, want not. That’s not strictly our motto but it’s a good’un. So why not see what you can save from waste to stop a charity wanting. Get in touch here


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