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GMR Marketing: Providing vital resources to the Wisconsin community

“Picture your life story as a string of lights. When you look back, you see the brightest bulbs. Those bright bulbs, those memorable experiences, influence how you behave. In fact, when you have a highly engaging, multisensorial experience with a brand, you’re far more likely to tell people about it—and you’re almost six times more likely to remember that brand when considering purchase alternatives.“

GMR Marketing calls that the String of Lights Effect. They believe that the best stories are lived, not heard, creating unforgettable experiences with the world’s leading brands. Following one of these experiences, GMR found themselves with a surplus of items that needed a new home and called on Event Cycle to help them redistribute them to local charities in Wisconsin’s New Berlin area.

Help to heal

At Pilgrim Baptist Worship Center, they are passionate about partnering and providing valuable resources to their community.

After sending out our donation alert, Linda from the Pilgrim Baptist team got in touch to reserve planters, flower boxes and side tables. Once they were delivered to their location, Linda confirmed receipt and advised,

"Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church would like to thank Event Cycle for the tables, pots, umbrellas, fencing and planters we received. These items will help us to enhance the beauty of our Roosevelt Grove Healing Garden space. Our plans are to use the items to help us set up for various occasions, in our healing space.
We envision holding Bible Study Classes, meetings, prayer visuals and individual meditation sessions. The items that we received will help us to set the mood for each event in a different, yet special way. We are so excited to begin the transformation of our space. It would have taken us a lot longer. to get what we envisioned, had we not received these donations”

What a fantastic use of these items!

Charity preservation

The mission of the Center for Family Preservation (Preserve Farm) is to provide families with the supportive services they need in order to; persist in the face of adversity; grow through challenges, and; foster an atmosphere of wholeness and wellness within the family.

The president of Preserve Farm, Dr. James Ferguson II was quick to contact Event Cycle after receiving our Wisconsin donation alert. There were a lot of items that could be really useful to Preserve Farm, to enhance their offerings and better still, save them money!

Dr. Ferguson advised us that the shelving they received will be used in their food pantry to organize food items. The acrylic squares will be used as room announcement tools and the bar stools they received will be used for seating in the Preserve Farm family Center.

That's not all though! All of the artificial plants will be placed around their office and the white planters will be used to plant flowers outside to create an even happier and healthier workplace.

In it together

BeReAVEd Together Inc are BRAVE! They are a public charity who are passionate advocates for bereaved individuals, offering wellness-based resources and opportunities to help transform their lives by embracing grief, equipping hearts, and empowering healing - heart, mind, body, and soul.

The team offer wellness retreats and conferences for bereaved mothers, to help create a community to hold space to allow grief and healing

They will be using the greenery as decor down the center of banquet tables on top of a lace table runner, mixed in with candles and flowers to create a subtle and pretty tablescape for their upcoming Brunch & Conference in May.

Goodwill to all

When you shop or donate items to Goodwill you are greeted by staff in shirts that say "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" that share the message of environmental sustainability.

The idea of being green has always been an underlying philosophy of their business and extends throughout their entire organization.

The Goodwill Brookfield store was more than happy to receive the white wall lamps we had to offer and we are thrilled that they will be re-used within the Wisconsin community!

Art for everyone!

What can you do with metal wall panelling, fabric boards and wooden cut outs? I hear you ask…

TBEY Arts Center knows exactly what they can do with them. Turn them into art! They are an educational organization for the urban community where classes dedicated to the arts are taught to youth members who otherwise might have little or no opportunity to learn these skills because of location or cost.

TBEY has its own unique qualities and is committed to teach on an arts educated level. They have an upcoming exhibition happening, and will be looking to use the panels to display work, as well as use it as part of their art pieces.

Wheelchair ramps help the congregation

For more than a century, St. Marcus Foundation has supported people on their spiritual journeys. Together, they enjoy the love and fellowship of community.

Being able to support that community is an important role to all of those involved in St Marcus. Lindy Spencer who works at St Marcus was quick to recognise the benefit that the wheelchair ramps on offer would have in their community, saying,

“We have members who are wheelchair users, who could benefit from these ramps. One is Paul, an active member of our church who is a pastor and has led our Bible study groups, along with teaching at a local high school. In 2022 he went through double amputations of his legs due to complications of diabetes. His home and other settings are not wheelchair accessible so the ramps would be a huge help to this vital member of our congregation.
The roll-up wheelchair ramps would be a big help to have on hand at our church for when people borrow our wheelchair but don't have access to use it to get into their homes.
My daughter is a wheelchair user and member of St. Marcus. Ramps have been essential to her and our family for many years. Thank you for this great repurposing effort that will be a blessing to others!”

You’re welcome Lindy!

Take a load off…

Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc. (MVP), founded in 1999 has served as the lead agency in the redevelopment of Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley.

Once Wisconsin’s most visible eyesore with hundreds of acres of vacant buildings and abandoned land, the Valley has been transformed, becoming a national model in economic development and environmental sustainability.

MVP plays a key role in the public-private collaboration to redevelop a revitalized and sustainable Menomonee River Valley for the benefit of the entire community. "

They plan to use the outdoor chairs that they received at their Food Trucks in the park!

Big or small, quirky or regular… We help find new homes for lots of different items and the benefit to the charity, whether small or huge, makes life that little bit easier for them, allowing them to grow and do more for their community. #EventCycleIt


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