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ICE Hub: From conference to community kitchen. How to design with Social Purpose in Mind

It’s always great to work with like-minded organisations, and ICE were no exception. A hub for in-house corporate event planners and others involved in the events industry, ICE are in the process of becoming B Corp certified. With such environmentally conscious goals, it’s no surprise that they wanted a recent event, their 2022 UK Conference, to create as little waste as possible.

In fact, we worked with ICE before the conference event took place to ensure that new homes could be found for items they planned on using. This meant that the event was able to go ahead with the knowledge that key pieces of decor were going to have new uses long after everything from the day had been packed up.

We were able to further reduce the environmental impact of the event by placing all surplus goods with one recipient - South Norwood Community Kitchen. They were able to get their hands on wooden crates (used as workshop tables at the event); jars, which were used as table centrepieces; and enamel cups. South Norwood Community Kitchen have reached out since receiving all these goods to let us know how useful they have been: as well as making great tables, the crates have been given even more uses and are now also taking on the role of storage containers and planters. They’ve been able to organise their own inventory with the help of the jars and cups, too.

It is fantastic when events are planned with the future in mind, as we are able to connect with local organisations - who are doing a lot of good in their communities - and provide items for free that would have otherwise gone to waste. As well as these benefits, we think it makes a lot of sense from the organisers’ perspectives, as it enables them to enjoy the culmination of months of hard work without having to worry how everything will be disposed of after the event!

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