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iLUKA Collective: Office move benefits four London causes

We’ve been very busy here at Event Cycle with all the office moves and clearouts taking place after the pandemic. We’ve been helping all sorts of companies make sure that when they have functional leftover products and materials, we find a place for them in the community. This helps the companies to be more sustainable and avoid carbon emissions from items going to landfill but also creates a positive social impact in the process, saving charities and community groups money by providing them with products for free.

One such office move, with The iLUKA Collective, gave us an eclectic list of things to find homes for, from lounge furniture, decor and lamps to rugby balls, backpacks and fabric. But as eclectic as the items we receive are the charities that receive them. This particular project donated items to four different causes covering single-parent families, mental health issues, learning disabilities and homelessness.

Balance (Support) CIO provides services that are aimed primarily at people with learning disabilities and mental health issues. They are committed to making a meaningful difference to people’s lives, helping them to achieve a high level of independence, and improving their quality of life. Part of the service they offer is a Balance Community Café at St Matthews Church in Surbiton, an area they have been requesting physical donations for. They were very happy to receive chairs, notice boards, fabric and photo frames to jazz up the cafe and make it a welcome space for visitors.

Working to improve lives of single parents the Bassuah Legacy were also in need of furniture and furnishings to spruce up their community space as well as items to help them in their community activities. Cushions, lamps, backpacks and rugby balls all found a home with Bassuah.

Two more organisations looking to brighten up the places where their communities come together were Kingston Eco-op and YMCA Hawker. They shared the donation of cushions, table covers, fairy lights, uplighters and lava lamps. Kingston Eco-op put on developmental activities for adults who have learning disabilities and mental health problems whilst YMCA Hawker provides support to vulnerable and homeless young people and also work with children, youth and families in the community, run five Health and Wellbeing Centres, and offer a range of inclusive activities.

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