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Interdisciplinary design practice donates desks to a charity supporting the disabled

Whilst events is in our name, it’s not always in our nature. We at Event Cycle are contacted by all sorts of organisations and not just from the events industry. One of those organisations is BDP, an architecture, engineering and design practice with sustainability at its core. It designs all things great and small, from bespoke light installations to entirely new cities, and all with a holistic sustainable design philosophy.

BDP is trying to embed circular principles in both the way it designs and the way it operates. During a recent office reconfiguration, the team got in touch with Event Cycle to see if we could find a use for its unused desks and surplus stationery.

In addition to having a number of large desks going spare, the practice was able to offer a few hundred leftover lever arch files, unused printer ink and a variety of storage containers. Within the Event Cycle database, we have a number of organisations looking for furniture and stationery, so the match was easy to make.

Speaking about its contribution, BDP’s Head of Sustainability, Philip Gray said:

“After the reconfiguration of our studio to accommodate a more flexible working model, we found we had some furniture we no longer had a need for. So, rather than exploring routes for disposal, we thought we’d try and find new homes for it. Event Cycle provided this link – giving our unwanted items a second life and, more importantly, providing someone else with an opportunity to grow their enterprise, charity or business.”

The organisation to benefit from the donation was the Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust. This charity aims to promote social inclusion for the public benefit, among disabled and older people, who are or may be socially excluded due to disability or age. They do this by increasing the opportunities for independent living available to disabled and older persons, assisting disabled and older persons to make choices, and access the service and support they may require to live independently in the community and by supporting and empowering disabled and older persons so they can carry out social roles without limitation.

The desks and stationery from BDP will be used for meetings, games, arts, crafts, music sessions and activities with the elderly individuals supported by the charity. The desks were particularly heavy, which makes them perfect for a room with elderly and disabled individuals because they cannot be nudged or pushed over. The activities and games sessions allow time for respite for those who care for the people the charity supports.

We would like to thank you for your generous contribution. The donated furniture will be used in our new space for the residents to use during different activities.”
Jenny Gerald, Trustee, Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust


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