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OWL Live provides vital tech to help grow local enterprise

We love working with OWL Live! The approach they take on every project involves a careful balance of science and technology as well as art and creativity to excite and inspire action, providing memorable experiences along the way.

Their purpose is to inspire action in the people they care about. This mission includes reducing their environmental impact as much as possible, whilst creating the best possible experiences for their clients and audiences.

Following one of their recent experiences, the OWL Live team contacted EventCycle to ensure that their surplus tech kit went to a worthy home.

Future farming

New Forest Aquaponics is the idea of David Green & Lucie Mann. It is a Non-Profit Community Interest Company (CIC), that will invest all money made back to the project. Together they are using their skills to develop the first aquaponics farm in the New Forest (South UK).

Aquaponics is the cultivation of plants in water with aquatic organisms.

David is a trained fish farmer and has worked with many species of fish over his 30-year career. Lucie loves to grow and make things.

Having seen the problems caused by poor farming - lack of nutrients in our food - lack of quality and freshness - plastic packing - high prices - environmentally and money wise they wanted to do something about it!

They aim to provide a rounded, regenerative community that people can replicate across the UK, including the growing of food, ecobricks and all the connections between.

Eyes on Expansion

Lucie (aka The WaterCress Queen!) was quick to respond to our offer of PC equipment, speakers, amps and surge protection units, advising that;

"...New Forest Aquaponics would be very grateful for these items to help us run our community events data - especially as we have just added a repair cafe and need to expand the computer work we do. We are excited to be receiving the items which will be an amazing help for our work..."

Along with Aquaponics, the New Forest team is also very passionate about helping everyone to rediscover a more connected way of living whilst respecting our biosphere. Lucie and her son, Robbie have trained as Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA) Ecobrick trainers. They give talks and run workshops on how to reduce your plastic.

If that wasn't enough to keep them occupied… Lucie writes a regular blog to help promote their work and alternative, eco-friendly ways to live and work.

What a team and we at Event Cycle, were happy to help!

Big or small, quirky or regular… We help find new homes for lots of different items and the benefit to the charity, whether small or huge, makes life that little bit easier for them, allowing them to grow and do more for their community. #EventCycleIt


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