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Production bureau's Green Efforts: From Conference Banners to Community Impact

For over three decades, Production bureau has been at the forefront of transforming inspired ideas into reality, delivering spectacular live events, virtual meetings, interactive exhibitions, and more. With a dedicated team and a global reach, Production bureau has built enduring partnerships with clients across sectors, consistently exceeding expectations and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Following a successful conference at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester in March 2024, Production bureau approached Event Cycle with a request to repurpose their event graphics, branded with the inspiring message "Make it happen." Recognising the potential for these materials to make a positive impact, Event Cycle facilitated a connection with Little A.R.K, a social enterprise doing some great work to empower women. 

Founded by Syebvonne Nguyen in 2020, Little A.R.K embodies the spirit of compassion and community engagement. Initially established to produce scrub caps and face masks for NHS workers during the pandemic, Little A.R.K has since expanded its efforts to focus on various projects aimed at supporting those in need within the local community. Syebvonne’s initiative supports single mothers, women with restrictive religious backgrounds, refugees, young adults and anyone who wants to learn about reuse, and provides them with an additional income and a plethora of life skills.

Upon receiving the repurposed event graphics from Production bureau, Little A.R.K will waste no time in putting them to good use. The materials will form part of their upcoming projects, which will involve crafting draft excluders for those who struggle to heat their homes, drawstring bags and tote bags to give to care homes handing personal belongings back to loved ones, and yoga mat bags to sell to the local community. Their most recent project is designing a prototype drain bag for post-operation patients needing a drain bag or people needing a stoma bag.

Little A.R.K's commitment to fostering kindness and empowerment within the community aligns perfectly with Production bureau's ethos of making a positive difference. Through their collaboration with Event Cycle, Production bureau has not only minimised their environmental footprint but also contributed to meaningful projects that benefit society at large.

In the spirit of partnership and sustainability, Event Cycle continues to connect businesses like Production bureau with organisations like Little A.R.K, creating opportunities for positive change and community impact

If you need a sustainable events consultancy that also supports social impact at your events, get in touch with Event Cycle today.


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