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Provision Events turn PVC banners into beach bags

The way graphic production works is changing. Teams in all sectors are looking to see if they can future-proof their products by creating more sustainable options that still serve their customers but don’t damage the planet in the process. Moving away from PVC is a good starter for ten before looking at monofibre products that can genuinely be put in the more accessible recycling streams rather than shipped off to a specialist plant.

But what about the banners that have already been produced?

Those long-forgotten pieces sitting away in storage. Well, where there’s a will there’s a way, or Event Cycle to be exact.

Working with Provision Events, we helped to clear their piles of PVC banners that had been gathering dust in their warehouse. We made sure they were put to use by one of our sewers, who create new products from old materials.

This lovely lot made its way to Kirsty at

Little Recreations who made some beach bags where most of the material was used for the bases of the bags due to the sturdiness of the fabric. Perfect for keeping structure and making sure the bags don’t break when filled to the brim at the beach.

If one of these takes your fancy, you can find them to buy on Kirsty’s website where once the purchase has been completed, 10% of the profits are donated to Herts for Refugees.

We are thrilled to have supported Event Cycle and Herts for Refugees by repurposing our PVC event branding. We have embarked on a new venture in our sustainability journey by introducing repurposing into our event waste management process, and are excited to work with Event Cycle in the future on this!
Sarah Cheverton, Provision Events

Why is PVC so bad?

Firstly, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is made from fossil fuels and secondly it is very challenging to recycle. When it comes to recycling, the high chlorine content in raw PVC and the high levels of hazardous additives added to the polymer to achieve the desired material quality means the product has to be separated from all other plastics.

In the paper “The polyvinyl chloride debate: Why PVC remains problematic material” key messages and recommendations are highlighted from the European Commission commissioned study entitled The use of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) in the context of a non-toxic environment and the points are clear. PVC is a problem and we need to move away from its use.

Key messages & recommendations

  • PVC is the most environmentally damaging type of plastic and safer alternatives are already available for virtually all uses of PVC.

  • The available methods to manage PVC waste are not adequate to keep pace with current and unsustainable PVC production and disposal rates.

  • Eliminating PVC products is the best waste management option for both environment and human health.

  • Eliminating PVC to the highest extent possible is necessary to fulfill the ambitions of the EU Zero Pollution Plan and non-toxic environment initiatives.

We’re helping the events industry work towards a no-waste world, want to find out how? Get in touch


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