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Repurposing The Pod: From Recording Studio to Community Oasis

No project is too big or small for repurposing, so when Savills and White City Place had a podcast studio which was coming to its end of use they wanted to make sure it went to a good cause rather than being pulled apart and sent for recycling. 

The Pod, which has been living at White City Place for the past few months, is a professional recording studio designed for podcasters, brands, and storytellers. It provided access to high-quality equipment and a team of audio engineers to facilitate easy podcast recording. Users could book sessions that included equipment usage and the assistance of an audio engineer. The recorded audio was then provided to the user on a USB drive at the end of the session. 

From one creative space to another...

Without the equipment, which was all hired, the podcast studio is essentially a ready-made outdoor building with great insulation thanks to the soundproofing. So its use can extend beyond its original purpose. 

The Small Quarter, in Merton, South London, took on the challenge of making use of the studio. The Small Quarter is a community garden dedicated to helping individuals with their mental health, teaching horticultural skills and growing produce to donate to local food banks. They also promote sustainable art through collaborations with local artists and young people within the space.

The team at Small Quarter have taken The Pod and have repurposed it to provide their community with an indoor area in their outdoor area, particularly useful on rainy garden days, where people can enjoy coffee. This addition enhances their community space and supports their mission of using the garden to benefit people's mental well-being through social referral. 

By creatively reimagining the use of your resources and spaces, you can significantly contribute to your community, foster well-being, and ignite a culture of sustainability and innovation. It's a lesson in looking beyond the conventional use of event assets and discovering their potential to make a meaningful and lasting impact in society rather than existing for a short time and then disappearing. 

If you're looking to improve your event sustainability whilst considering social value, look no further than working with Event Cycle to consult on your upcoming events. Get in touch today


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