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Sewing the fabric of event sustainability

Banners adorned the walls of the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) Glasgow, the venue for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). While most of them featured the big blue sphere of the iconic COP26 branding, some pointed directions to help the attendees. But Identity and Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) realized these banners were destined for so much more!

With sustainability under the spotlight, the graphics produced were recyclable in the first instance, with correct waste streams allocated for their disposal. However, the second ‘R’ when referring to ‘waste’ is Reuse, something to be considered before recycling. For 2000 sqm of graphics, this word was put into action. Event Cycle had three destinations in mind to make this happen.

One of the major beneficiaries was the revolutionary social enterprise Calluna Upcycling. With innovation at their core, they turn unwanted event fabrics like roller banners, curtains and PVC banners, into recycled eco-friendly gifts! They received 1500 m2 of black-backed graphics, and they couldn't have been more delighted.

“We are so grateful for the donation of fabric from Event Cycle at COP26. This helps us support our sewers who are building their confidence after having breaks in work. They create fantastic items like boxes and handbags that we then sell to give 10% of proceeds to a local charity, Severn Hospice, Charity Number 512394. Working with Event Cycle is such a pleasure and we hope that our partnership continues well into the future.”
Heather Crowe, Calluna Upcycling

250 m2 of black-backed graphics and a few m2 of mesh banners went to Little Recreations, a one-man band who is passionate about repurposing and incredibly creative with it. An ex event professional herself, Kirsty creates flags for famous festivals as well as bunting, bumbags and more. We cannot think of a better destination for leftover event banners.

Imagine homeware products such as lampshades, cushions, coasters, etc., made with recycled leftover event material. A sustainable person's dream, isn't it? That's exactly what CotooCC does! Caroline and Odette, members of the organization, work with talented artists from across the globe to create unusual, distinctive, and remarkable homeware products. They received 250 m2 of black-backed graphics as well, and they're ecstatic to turn them into something unique and spectacular.

"Yes, they have arrived and we have been buzzing with ideas as to how to use it."

If you want to join the repurposing revolution, get in touch to see how your banners could be made into eco-friendly delegate gifts.


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