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Spreading Christmas Spirit All Year Round: The London Christmas Party Show's Sustainable Legacy

It’s always too soon to talk about Christmas but I’ll hope you’ll forgive us since we’ve helped two good causes with some carpet from a festive show.

The London Christmas Party Show is a boutique exhibition that brings together the best Christmas venues and suppliers with top event buyers seeking inspiration for their next event. The Show offers a VIP Evening event and an Event Buyers Day, each dedicated to all things festive. Organised by Story Events, it runs alongside the London Summer Event Show, both aiming to provide a unique and enjoyable exhibition experience with food, drink, entertainment, and goodies for networking opportunities.

And where there’s an exhibition there’s usually carpet to be found in aisles. But wanting to limit the impact of single-use items at their events, Story Events stripped it back to the bare minimum and only used carpet where it was absolutely necessary. A sum total of 18m² was all that could be found at the Christmas Party Show, used on raised flooring to cover cables in an outside courtyard.

And making sure that the small amount of carpet didn’t go to waste, Story Events worked with Event Cycle to give it a longer life.

Event Cycle found a home for it in two different places with one organisation. Hoofprints Miniature Haven specialises in rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing a loving home or retirement for animals of all sizes including horses, ponies, alpacas, sheep and many more. They also have specially selected animals that play a crucial role in their Education & Therapy programs, where they work with diverse groups, including the elderly, children, and individuals with disabilities. They do this onsite and through outreach programs in the community visiting premises where people can’t make it to the sanctuary.

Some of the donated carpet is going to be going to a worthy home of a family that Hoofprints has been working with recently. The family have had no carpet in their home for 6 months so this should be a welcome present to make it feel more furnished. The rest of the carpet not needed by the family will be used in and around the welcome area of the Hoofprints reception and the stables.

The London Christmas Party Show may be a celebration of the festive season, but its impact now goes beyond the event itself. Through thoughtful choices and collaboration, Story Events have spread joy and support to those in need. A true reflection of the spirit of giving and making a difference, a simple

act of repurposing carpet has created a

lasting positive impact for both animals

and people alike.

Elevate your event's impact with Event Cycle: Transforming remnants into resources, fostering a legacy of positive change that reaches far beyond the event itself. Join the movement and turn your event materials into meaningful contributions for communities in need. Contact Us


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