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The Park makes a dollhouse donation

the Park — an award-winning experiential agency believes in doing, not just saying.

Creating an immersive experience; Gabby’s Dollhouse Surprise Box for the popular Dreamworks show, Gabby’s Dollhouse, the team succeeded in putting families in Gabby’s shoes, allowing their little guests to get creative and be rewarded for trying, no matter the outcome.

Following this engaging event, colourful carpets, a ball pit, shelving as well as children's tables and chairs were all up for grabs. Event Cycle were approached to help with their redistribution and with a pinch on our left and a pinch on our right, we reached out to our local network of charities!

Busy bees work together

The Kingston Hive is a collective of local volunteers who have taken over a disused shop space in the Kingston upon Thames town centre, transforming it into a hub to benefit people and planet.

After finding a shop space, they realised that they didn't have any carpet, yet...

Event Cycle were able to deliver their requested items to their new home, ready for their shop takeover.

Danielle O’Shaugnessey, Community Connector for Kingston Hive said.

“Thank you Event Cycle for the superb support you have given us in setting up The Kingston Hive Climate Emergency Centre, working with a company that supports our vision of a circular economy in Kingston Upon Thames has been fantastic, our space looks great and just goes to show that reuse often provides remarkable results”

Kingston Hive believe empowering ourselves and each other against the climate and ecological emergency is the way to challenge it and they plan to offer a range of practical skills and emotional support to help us create a new future, including:

  • vegan food

  • repair workshops

  • listening circles

  • education sessions on subjects such as renewable energy

  • film nights

  • music

  • sustainable eating classes

Spruced up goods

The other charity to benefit from this donation was Spruse Stevenage Reuse Scheme, who were all too happy to receive their shelving, tables, chairs and carpet (plus the awesome ball pit!).

They are a non-profit charity, whose main goal is to enable all Stevenage residents to have the opportunity to put a decent home together. They are run by a small friendly team of staff and volunteers who collect good quality furniture and electricals from donors and we’re delighted we could contribute to their cause!

Big or small, quirky or regular… We help find new homes for lots of different items and the benefit to the charity, whether small or huge, makes life that little bit easier for them, allowing them to grow and do more for their community. #EventCycleIt


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