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The problem with PVC pull-up banners

Church House Westminster is a London based venue that is actively seeking to minimise and manage the environmental impact of its operations and offerings. With a move to digital options for wayfinding and signage comes the dilemma of what to do with physical banners that have been used before?

The routes for recycling these types of items are not clear. Roller banners have a metal base and pole and the banners themselves are often made of PVC, a material that is extremely difficult to recycle and requires directing to specialist facilities. And although the metal bases are aluminium that is very recyclable they need to be dismantled from the mechanism that holds the PVC banner in place.

Event Cycle would recommend moving to alternative portable banners going forward but where there are old banners left over, we are working on ways to tackle this challenge. One of those ways is with our willing partners RHM Event Graphics. The roll-up banners that we can part repurpose and part recycle with RHM are the standard-issue 800mm wide banners.

RHM take the banners diverted from landfill by Event Cycle and repurpose the metal bottoms to be used with new graphics for charitable organisations they work with. The old PVC parts are responsibly recycled through the specialist routes.

On this occasion, the newly skinned banners were provided to Goods for Good to promote fundraising for their causes. Goods for Good distribute donated products such as toiletry items, hygiene products, clothing and bedding. The products, donated by businesses and individuals, find their way to food banks around London and housing associations supporting those living with mental health, older people, young people, destitute/homeless as well as those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

“Event Cycle’s expertise in navigating environmental challenges in the events sector facilitates a real step change for venues such as Church House Westminster. As we navigate our sustainability journey to be net zero carbon by 2030, the mindset of our teams is firmly focused on zero waste and carbon emissions. When it came to the old banners, which were still in a good condition, we wanted to promote the elimination of waste and the continual safe usage of the materials. This is where Event Cycle provided the ideal solution for the items to be part recycled and part repurposed. The process was easy and straightforward, with the added benefit in terms of the positive impact of our actions on the environment.”
Elana Kruger, Head of Marketing, Church House Westminster

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