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9 ways to put old pull-up banners to good use

There are a lot of good alternatives to pull-up banners these days but before we can all transition to the more sustainable options for signage, we’ve got to deal with what we’ve already got. The first step is to see if you can reuse it at all, but for these banners where branding is out of date or there’s a pesky year on there, we can look at repurposing the graphic and the base.

Bristol-based, Bray Leino approached Event Cycle with this exact problem and we got to work to find a second life for some gala dinner directionals and some out of date exhibition banners.

For our previous pull-up banner donations, we’ve separated the base from the graphic because that base can be used again by the events industry where there are a few willing recipients. But on this occasion, the Children’s Scrapstore got in touch to tell us they wanted them as a whole.

This particular scrap store is more than just a warehouse of resources, they are a charity dedicated to helping Bristol businesses divert useful waste away from landfill and energy recovery and put it to good use with their range of in-house play training courses, school and early years consultancy projects and community workshops.

Bray Leino donated 26 pull-up banners to the scrap store and these are all the different ways they were used:

  1. Spray painted for Festival signage

  2. Collaged over for Art display

  3. Painted over for Craft stall sign

  4. Poles used for den making project

  5. Painted over for yoga conference display

  6. Poles used for puppet making

  7. Painted over for jewellery sale sign

  8. Poles used for festival décor

  9. Used for school student gallery display

What wonderful ways to use items that were going to be thrown away. If you’re interested in what we can do with your leftover event items, send us an email and challenge us to change the way we waste in the events industry.

Bicycle delivery

The delivery for this donation was 100% emission-free and booked through Xeroe, a courier company committed to helping the UK take another step towards sustainability and breathable air by using emission-free modes of transport only - bikes, cargo bikes, electric vans, cars and scooters. On average each Xeroe delivery saves 3.85kg of CO2 emissions.


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