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BETT banners made into boxes and bags.

Hyve is a long-established organiser of global conferences and exhibitions. Building business communities with engagement at their core is their speciality and when they work on Bett, this is exactly what they achieve for the EdTech-focused event.

Bett has a history of driving innovation in education, starting out with technology and computers in 1985 and expanding to include practical teaching advice, training for education professionals and some notable keynote speakers in their most recent shows. The first Bett Show was held at the Barbican Centre but the event has grown so much it now takes place at ExCeL London.

As with every large event, exhibitors need to be highlighted, stage locations need to be known and generally, it’s crucial to tell your audience where the amenities are. Some signage is unavoidable and whilst organisers can do what they can to reduce this as much as possible, production of print is a necessary output.

Bett was no different but not wanting the banners to go into an energy-intensive recycling process or in the worst case, into waste streams, the show got in touch with Event Cycle to see where we could help.

We collected over 280m2 of hanging banner graphics from the ExCeL after the show was finished and sent it off to one of our fabric upcycling partners, Calluna Upcycling. Heather, who heads up the initiative, was happy to accept the graphics which were branded but with enough coloured material to allow her to work her magic and disguise the logos from recognition.

The banners on this occasion are made of PVC which we would advise against where possible due to the chemicals involved in the production. But where the use can’t be prevented e.g. because when hanging they are firmer than polyester alternatives, our partners will find ways to put them to good use. These banners will be made into sturdier items in the Calluna range like storage boxes or larger shopper bags, great for taking on a trip to the supermarket or local DIY store.

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