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Branded banners into wash bags

This isn’t a completely new story I’m writing because it’s one of the most common requests we get at Event Cycle. What can we do with our old branded event banners?

With many creative options to make sure the banners and graphics of the future are more sustainable, think velcro, pyrography and circular textiles, we still have the problem of the here and now. Client demands to produce print adorned with logos continue and until we break this cycle we need solutions.

In the very first instance, make sure every graphic item you produce is recyclable. This means buying better. Talk to your print supplier about sustainable and most importantly, easily recyclable options otherwise they will keep giving you what you’ve had before. And when it comes to Foamex, don’t buy it at all. A couple of excellent alternatives are Bubble-board and if you’re inside, Dufaylite. Both are recyclable.

And don’t forget these valuable resources too:

But when you’ve got some old items leftover or even want to look at options before considering recycling, Event Cycle can help and that’s why TRO got in touch.

The shared experience agency are big players in live events and retail with notable activations for BMW, Lucozade, Cartier and British Airways. The live events they produce are big, bold and engaging with carefully curated spaces to reflect the luxury brands they represent. The expectation for the experiences to be brand owned involve a lot of logos and stuck in their storage were some banners leftover from one such event. TRO sent them to Event Cycle who shared them with one of our special sewers.

Kirsty at Little Recreations works closely with Event Cycle to select certain pieces of fabric we receive to help her create the most fantastic flags for festivals as well as a few other products too. A self-funded upcycling initiative, Kirsty works to reuse “waste” fabric to bring colour and joy to private functions, weddings, local fairs, fetes, parties and music festivals all across the UK. Kirsty also produces a number of different products available for sale on her website with 20% of proceeds donated to Herts for Refugees. The fabric donated by TRO was ombré blue and green, perfect for the needs of her next project. So we sent it off for her to work her magic.

Combined with some donated vintage curtain fabric the banners have been made into these wonderful wash bags. As well as utilising the banners for the bottoms, Kirtsy has also used upcycled tent fabric for the lining to make sure they are water-resistant and fit for use in a bathroom. To finish them off the drawstrings are reused tent guy ropes. 100% repurposed products.

Want to know what else we can do with your event “waste”. Get in touch.


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