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Clear out to help out

This success story acts as an important reminder that the events industry generates waste behind the scenes as well as at events themselves. The things on display at conferences, or pop-ups, aren’t the only items used by organisers: our client, Float Productions (who design and produce live events!), had many items to redistribute which hadn’t come straight from an event but had still been accumulated as a result of their work.

Luckily, Float had plenty of really useful items that will be put to use by other organisations. Take EnhanceAble, a charity in Kingston-upon-Thames that help those with disabilities, as well as their parents and carers, enhance their lives through tailored support programmes. They received eleven big whiteboards, and an assortment of colourful cushions, which will be used during things like clubs and activity sessions.

With plenty more to go around, Float was able to donate a whiteboard and eight long tables to a second recipient: Balance Support. Another local organisation, this time-based in South London, Balance Support work primarily with people who have mental health issues and learning disabilities. Balance Support’s service users are helped to be as independent as possible, achieve their goals and have a high quality of life.

It’s great to know that Float’s clear-out has been able to help two wonderful organisations. Rather than collecting dust or even being sent to landfill, the whiteboards, tables and cushions will now be able to serve useful purposes assisting EnhanceAble and Balance Support with their vital work.

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