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From event storage to scrap store play activities

With limited space and costly prices to store items at the end of events, items can’t be kept forever by the agencies who are asked to produce them. When clearing out their container, On Show Events came across a few of these items and decided to donate them instead of dumping them.

Used to delivering events right from concept to creation, the On Show Events teamwork on conferences, exhibitions and roadshows. More often than not, the shows they put on require lanyards, reception desks or podiums and of course, graphics. A whopping 10,000 different lanyards were found inside their storage unit, along with 30 colourful banners and 8 pop-up counters. So they got in touch with Event Cycle to see what we could do with them.

Based in Aylesbury, the storage unit was close to one of Event Cycle’s very first donation recipients, the Milton Keynes Play Association (MKPA). Supporting over 2,000 children and families across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, the play association put on activity programmes throughout the year making sure those most in need can attend for free as well as providing food for them too.

On top of their activity schedule, the association delivers a range of courses for teachers, educators, support staff and parents to understand how play can help development, particularly for children with challenging needs. Their courses include:

  • ADHD Awareness

  • Supporting Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum

  • Supporting Children and Young People's Mental Health

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour

  • Understanding and Supporting Sensory Integration Disorder

  • Supporting Undiagnosed Children

Grateful for the donation from On Show Events, Lisa from the charity passed on their thanks and gave us a little insight into the use of the items:

Everyone at MKPA would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing donation of pop-up counters and more. The Items were placed in our Milton Keynes Scrap Store and was sold on as Bars/counters we also kept some for our play team to use on our play sessions as a point of contact for the parents. The lanyards and fabric were also passed on to our play team for our play sessions and they were greatly appreciated.
Lisa, Milton Keynes Play Association

This not only saves the organisation money which can be better used to serve the

community but also provides a way for the association to fund the activities and courses they provide.

Want to know where to send your leftover event items to create a positive social impact? Give us a call


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