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Growing rural enterprise from leftover lost and found items at the Commonwealth Games

Having your hand in multiple charities and community schemes takes dedication, commitment and a helping hand now and again.

That’s why the Organizing Committee for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games got in touch with Event Cycle to ask us to redistribute their post-event materials from their unclaimed non-valuable lost and found. We took stock of their available items and contacted our charity database to see what we could place.

Nick Platt at Growing Rural Enterprise was quick to respond and highlight how these items would benefit not only his charities directly, but connected enterprises too. At Growing Rural Enterprise, their mission is to deliver innovative and meaningful learning opportunities for rural business. They aim to inspire and make a difference to rural business, building confidence, knowledge and skills.

After speaking with Nick, we knew that a lot of the items available from the sporting event would be incredibly useful for them and their award winning Wellies Project, especially the clothing and footwear.

Best foot forwards

The Wellies Project had 170 new people attending their projects in September alone.

Nick told us: “Some have very little material items/clothing and some live in hostels with just what they have in a bag. Very sad for their situations but this kind of generosity goes a long way in supporting people's lives.”

The real plus for the charity is that any items they are unable to make use of, are able to be passed along to many of their sister charities and local groups.

We at Event Cycle were delighted to have their volunteer drivers and vans pick the items up as it allowed us to chat with their team face to face and learn more about their charity.

They told us that Nick and Julie are passionate about business and everything rural. They met initially at Rodbaston Agricultural College where they taught Agriculture and Floristry respectively.

They added that as well as teaching the pair jointly ran the Business Development Unit, taking it from £42,000 income to £500,000 in four years. The duo were tasked with bringing income to the college other than mainstream education income and they did this through a number of funded projects helping rural development.

In 2009 they took a difficult decision to leave the college and start Growing Rural Enterprise. They have never looked back

Julie White and Nick Platt: Founders of Growing Rural Enterprise and The Wellies Project

Every item has a use and a reuse, whatever it is #EventCycleIt


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