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How props can be repurposed in unusual ways

London-based brands communications specialists, Brands at Work (BAW) bridge the gap between strategy and creative ideas, transforming them into bold, engaging experiences. The team “put ideas into action” through creative storytelling, moving images, digital and live events.

As part of a bespoke build industrial-themed event, the team at BAW created an array of props including crate-shaped poseur tables and matching reception desks. These had no onward destination post-event until Event Cycle was invited into the process to help. Alongside the props, the back-of-house team had some industrial shelving to donate too.

The events took place around the UK but all scenic products were sourced and returned to Walsall in the West Midlands with three local charities benefitting from the items.

The Sol Cafe is located in the centre of Birmingham City and is a pay-as-you-feel LGBTIQ+ and sober community grassroots cafe. Serving strictly vegan food and drinks the cafe also puts on weekly activities, socials, and workshops. Much more than a cafe with food, the space is a place to find support, advice, and new friends. Their goal is to continually nurture and grow a special and sober safe space for people across the LGBTIQ+ community in Birmingham and West Midlands.

As part of creating that space, the Sol Cafe team needed items to help the cafe function and one request they had input into the Event Cycle donations request database was shelving for their pantry. The shelving from this event was perfect for this function.

Unlike the shelves, the crate poseur tables found an entirely different purpose than their original design intended. Initially planned to be donated to a community garden that sadly could not take them on in the end, they passed us through to a Horse Riding Stable who have used the crates to create new show jumps sets.

Finally, the reception desks were taken by the Sue Ryder charity where they will be used as shop counter desks in their retail units in two shops in Birmingham. The charity supports people who are living with a terminal illness, a neurological condition, or who have lost someone.

Want to know what to do with your leftover props? Get in touch today.


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