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Production Bureau: Working to reduce event waste

Production Bureau is known for its creative problem-solving in events. They take pride in their dedicated team and successful partnerships with clients in both the public and private sectors. But they’ve added another focus to their operations, and after one of their client’s recent events at the Celtic Manor Resort, the company highlighted its progress when it comes to sustainable practices and community involvement. Production Bureau showcased its commitment to reducing waste by donating leftover materials to the Event Cycle repurposing network, positively impacting two organisations in the process.

The Donated Materials: A New Lease on Life

Post-event, Production Bureau had 26 square metres of grey carpet and a substantial 88 square metres of white cotton material on hand. While the white cotton material had been used on stock wooden panels, which meant it had some staple holes and marks around the edges, it was still in perfectly good condition for the charities, community groups and social entreprises Event Cycle works with to place unwanted event materials once events are over.

Henbury and Brentry Community Council: More than Just a Floor

The grey carpet found a new home with the Henbury and Brentry Community Council. Serving a community in the deprived area of Bristol, the council manages various impactful initiatives. Their Community Centre acts as a beacon for residents, offering vital services that range from the redistribution of surplus food through their Community Fridge, weekly food parcel deliveries, and even a Community Café. This centre needed a carpet replacement, and Chiesi's donation came as a timely intervention, further improving the environment in which these crucial services are offered.

Bethania Assembly Of God Church: Crafting a Community Atmosphere

Bethania, a family-friendly church situated in the heart of New Tredegar, aims to be a "shining light" for its community. With a passion for love for others, the church often organises events and activities throughout the year for the community it sits within.

The donation of the white cotton material from Production Bureau could not have been more fitting. Given the church's extensive activities, especially those focused on children and free lunches, the material will find new purpose as tablecloths, lending a fresh touch to community meals. Moreover, a portion of the material is set to become curtains for the church's puppet plays, further enriching the experiences for young attendees.

Small gesture, big impact

The actions of Production Bureau in their recent project serve as a prime example of corporate responsibility and the impact it can have. While it might seem like a small and simple gesture, the donation of event materials has provided tangible benefits to two community establishments, ones which they may not have been able to afford. Such acts highlight the importance of sustainability and community engagement, reminding all of us that even in the world of business, a little goes a long way in making a difference.


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