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Turning Surplus into Solutions with a Wonder’s Storage Clearout

From product launches to exhibitions, and from employee engagement to conferences, Wonder's strategic insights and creative prowess have consistently captivated audiences across virtual, hybrid, and in-person platforms. With the wide variety of experiences they create, the team at Wonder often find themselves left with a lot of clutter in their storage while trying to keep items from ending up in landfill.

Finding the storage facility was a little bit too full, Wonder sought to clear out their storage space in a meaningful way by repurposing rather than recycling the leftover items they found. Among the array of furnishings and materials awaiting a new purpose were benches, drawer units, desk pads and plant stands each brimming with untapped potential.

Enter Event Cycle, a catalyst for positive change and community impact. With their expertise in connecting businesses with charitable organisations, Event Cycle facilitated the donation of Wonder's surplus items to eleven deserving organisations. 

From schools and community centres to food banks and support groups, each organisation welcomed the donated items with open arms, envisioning countless ways to put them to good use. Whether it was providing seating for weekend retreats, enhancing school playgrounds with creative play equipment, or distributing food and essentials to families in need, the impact of Wonder's donations rippled far and wide, enriching the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Among the beneficiaries was The Community Project & The Shawfield Trust, a hub for community activities and events. With big plans to utilise their site for weekend retreats and social gatherings for refugees, the team are making sure their activity spaces are set up for workshops, putting the benches they received to good use inside. Whilst outside, the milk crates are going to be used to create children’s play space. 

Meanwhile, Friends of St Mary's CofE Aided Primary School seized the opportunity to enhance their outdoor space with the milk crates too. They will be used in the school space, used by the local Scout Group, to do crate stacking games and activities. These will also be used for evening events at the school as well as at cub and scout camps for young people aged 8-10 (cubs) and 10 - 14 (scouts).

In addition, Badshot Lea Village Infant School Trust eagerly welcomed the rest of the milk crates to enrich their loose parts provision, which they delve into when looking to foster imaginative play and exploration among their young learners.

Feeding Families, a charity dedicated to alleviating food poverty, received sturdy bags crafted from the leftover canvas in the Wonder storage, to aid in their distribution of essential supplies to families in need. The bags are invaluable, providing a reliable means of transporting groceries and toiletries to those facing hardship without costing the charity or the individuals anything more. Some more bags were given to Brighton Food Bank, to do the same. 

As for the furniture and office items, a very worthy home was found with 4Sight Vision Support who help and support blind and visually impaired people of all ages in West Sussex. The items they received will be used for their offices in Bognor Regis helping their workforce continue to function happily and efficiently without additional cost to the organisation.

Also supported with donations from the Wonder storage space clearout were Coventry Clothing; Blackburn Foodbank; Help A Squaddie; Hope Community Church; The Scrapspace; all putting the items to good use to support their causes. 

Through their collaboration with Event Cycle, Wonder not only cleared their storage space but also made a tangible difference in the lives of the organisations they supported.


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