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Rolling out the blue carpet post-event

Bringing together the global fashion industry with big thinkers, entrepreneurs and influential individuals from other industries, VOICES 2021 is an annual event designed to inspire innovation by creating multi-disciplinary learning and collaboration opportunities. The event in 2021 aimed to reimagine a better future for fashion post-pandemic.

The event, hosted by The Business of Fashion took place across 3 days in December and included seminars, workshops, experiences and a glamorous gala dinner to close. As part of the dinner, a number of carpets were required to cover the floor of the outdoor temporary venue as well as provide soundproofing and some much-needed insulation.

But the carpet didn’t just have one night of use, a repurposing destination was found for the material post-event so it could have a longer life. Two organisations made sure this was possible.

The first destination put the carpet to a more creative use than we could have imagined. Watford Recycling Arts Project work in their local community to support projects that reuse and repurpose materials whilst promoting environmental awareness. The coloured carpet that was donated was painted to make giant board games that were given to a local school and the rest found its way to two nurseries where it has been used to cover the floor of the messy play areas. The final section of the carpet was transported to an allotment to be used as a weed suppressant in place of buying newly produced products.

The other half of the carpet was put to use in a more homely environment. One of the projects Event Cycle had been working on with Tennis2Be was for a gentleman who had been living in a destitute situation for a number of years. As part of their community work, the charity had been helping Mr X. to renovate his dilapidated property with new plumbing, electrics and furnishings. Event Cycle had already donated some carpet to the project but they were in need of more and that’s where the donation from The Business of Fashion came in. The carpet has been sent to be installed and we are hoping that Mr X's house will be a finished home very soon.


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