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Scottish charities and community groups receive everyday essentials from COP26

Held from the 31st of October to the 12th of November 2021, the COP26 Conference brought the world’s leaders together with the aim of tackling climate change. Around 20,000 delegates from 200 countries attended Glasgow’s SEC Centre, pledging commitment to the accelerated achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Event Cycle worked in partnership with the project teams from the Identity full-service events agency and Her Majesty’s Government to identify items expected to be leftover from this major event. A number of items were dealt with as they appeared on-site, with the bulk of our work being carried out during the derig period when we arranged delivery and collection logistics with the registered charities and community groups.

Some of the staff members working at the COP26 conference were on-site from August until mid-December, with the site functioning as their home and office. Suitably welcoming accommodation had to be arranged, with fridges for food, microwaves for hot lunches, kettles for the brewing of warming cuppas, and ironing boards so that the staff could remain smart at all times. Plants and lights were also used for the creation of an alternative ambience, ideal for winding down and socialising within the temporary structures the offices were housed in.

Items donated and gathered from the staff offices and back-of-house areas were delivered to their new homes within 10 days of the event’s conclusion.

Glasgow Play Resource

An initiative organized by the Glasgow Play-Resource Association, Re-Play collect and re-use industrial by-products, surplus materials and waste for the benefit of children. In so doing they support the realisation of social responsibility goals, the establishment of greener working practices, and alignment with a charity that helps children in the UK.

Working with Event Cycle, Re-Play were able to collect an assortment of mugs and glasses, which were transferred to the scrap store for the use of charity members. They will be used across a range of craft projects and activities; allowing for financial savings and the promotion of reuse and recycling.

“We are extremely grateful for you contacting us and donating so many materials which will help us, our members, and those in the recovery community.”
Glasgow Play-Resource Association

Transition Sterling

Transition Sterling is an environmental charity that aims to support the people of Stirlingshire in the transition to a more resilient, sustainable way of living. They provide a positive local response to climate change, tying in with the aims of the COP26 conference.

Members have access to an expansive tool library, including sewing machines, mechanical tools, and cooking equipment. And there’s a brand new re-use hub, with an empty warehouse that proved ideal for items collected from the COP26 conference.

The Transition Sterling team have pledged to make the most of the goods accessible for re-use by the local community. The cleaning materials are to be used rather than bought from new, as per the bins, fridge, and shredder. And the plants proved a lovely surprise, making the charity members feel very civilised in their own back of house areas.

Milngavie and Bearsden Men’s Shed

The Milngavie and Bearsden Men’s shed is a safe and friendly place, where men local to East Dunbartonshire are able to gather for creative, physical, and purposeful activities. Pursuing their personal interests and learning from each other, the men benefit from reduced isolation and greater fulfilment. They can drop in for a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy the banter, and do as much work as they like.

Shelving was collected from the COP26 Conference and transported to the attic storage area of the Men’s Shed in readiness for installation.

Wheatley Foundation

Bringing together all of Wheatley Group’s Better Lives Programmes and activities under one roof, the Wheatley Foundation helps thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged people from across central and southern Scotland each year.

Playing a key role during the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the foundation provided a lifeline for those in need across Scottish communities. They gave thanks for the collection of domestic items including microwaves, fridges, and ironing boards following the COP26 Conference.

Knowing that every little helps, Event Cycle was also happy to collect a kettle for the Deans Meadow Allotments.

Whether you’re an event organiser or representative of a registered charity, get in touch with Event Cycle to find out more about the consultancy and donation process.


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