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We're Award Winning!

If you don't know what we do already, then I'm not sure how you ended up here but here you go. We won a Gold M&IT Award for all the positive social impact we created for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

By repurposing and redistributing leftover and discarded event materials and items instead of recycling them, we:

  • Donated £141,065 worth of materials to community organisations

  • Helped 36 community organisations

  • Saved 29.59 tCO2e from reproduction

  • Saved 5.09 tCO2e from landfill

Being sustainable doesn't have to be boring, it can be engaging, helpful and an incredible resource for local organisations bringing about positive social impact as well as mitigating damage to the environment.

"It is an incredible honour to win an M&IT Award for our hard work in 2022. It serves as recognition that the changes we are making to the events industry are significant and impactful. It also acts as a motivator to the team at Event Cycle to keep striving to find more practical solutions to sustainability challenges, helping to shape an events industry fit for a green future."
Chantal Kerr-Sheppard, Director, Event Cycle

And in case you've forgotten what we do: In short, Event Cycle helps event organisers plan with social purpose and sustainability in mind from concept through to completion of a project. That's event sustainability and social in one. The team identifies opportunities to build in circularity and community benefit at the design phase, whilst enabling carbon-conscious decisions during the procurement of materials, suppliers, and contractors. Event Cycle then ensures any necessary leftover materials provide a positive legacy in the community surrounding an event by redistributing items to charitable, educational, and socially beneficial organisations.

Bring us onto your next event as the bolt-on sustainability and social impact experts.


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