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Event Cycle: Why we went for lunch in a prison.

Our main focus at Event Cycle is helping the events industry to reduce waste where it can and where it can’t making sure the waste is useful rather than destined for landfill. This involves donating useful goods to charitable organisations ensuring that not only sustainability is taken into consideration but social impact too.

We don’t discriminate when it comes to the organisations we help which means our range of cause is far and wide. We can be helping a homeless charity one day and a sight loss charity another providing event carpeting for houses, fake trees for children's centres, and helped turn PVC banners into beach bags to raise money for a refugee charity.

At Event Cycle, we are committed to supporting initiatives that create social impact and look to support any organisation making a difference in a unique way. One the organisations doing just that is The Clink Restaurant. The restaurant, located at HMP Brixton, offers delicious and high-quality meals prepared and served by prisoners in training. These individuals are working towards gaining valuable City & Guilds NVQs in Food & Beverage Service, Professional Cookery, and Food Hygiene. And you can visit as a paying member of the public.

What makes The Clink Restaurant truly special is its impact on the lives of the prisoners. Situated in the historic governor's house dating back to 1819, the restaurant provides an environment where prisoners can learn, engage with the public, and take significant steps towards rebuilding their lives. The furnishings, including the leather upholstery and boardroom tables, are crafted by prisoners from HMP Frankland, adding a unique touch to the dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant showcases poetry written by former Clink trainees, celebrating their creativity and journey of personal growth.

Beyond its culinary excellence, The Clink Restaurant has received well-deserved recognition. It frequently earns a place among the top 10 restaurants in London on TripAdvisor, a testament to the exceptional quality of its offerings. In 2022, Brixton received a TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award, further solidifying its position among the top 10% of restaurants worldwide.

By choosing to dine at The Clink Restaurant, Event Cycle supports the important work being done to rehabilitate and empower individuals within the criminal justice system. We believe in the transformative power of second chances and the positive impact that providing vocational training and employment opportunities can have on people's lives. The Clink Restaurant exemplifies this philosophy, offering a memorable dining experience while contributing to the rehabilitation and reintegration of those in need.


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