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Carpet donations from Evolve and Novomatic bring warmth and comfort to five charities

ICE London is the biggest show at London’s ExCel centre, attracting 40,000 visitors this year and occupying a massive 51,466 square metres of exhibition hall space. The show brings together the leading casino gaming and financial services companies from around the world. Evolve has been working at ICE for over a decade, delivering award-winning booths and immersive experiences.

At ICE London 2023 Evolve created a show-stopping 3,500 square metre booth for the NOVOMATIC AG Group, one of the biggest international producers and operators of gaming technologies. The huge open arena and luxury hospitality and meeting spaces of the booth were furnished with high quality saxony carpet, much of which was in almost brand new condition at the end of the show.

All of this carpet could have ended up in land fill but thanks to a partnership between Evolve and Event Cycle, it didn’t!

Working with an artic truck full of carpet, Event Cycle worked to make the right connections with organisations that could put the carpet to good use and give it a second life post event. And where the carpet wasn’t quite up to scratch after spills, scuffs and tears, as can happen during events and exhibitions, Event Cycle made sure it was responsibly recycled.

Where did the carpet end up?

Save the World Club in Kingston upon Thames repurposes goods destined for landfill and brings them back into circulation. They use donations to furnish local refugee houses, collect surplus food, and distribute it to community centres.

They have just moved into a large new warehouse and decided to dedicate some space to create a children’s area. This means children from local refugee families and those on low incomes, will have a place to play whilst their parents browse all the donated goods.

The carpet from the Novomatic booth has both transformed and delineated the area and made a very inviting room.

How the carpet helped four other organisations:

The New Spring Street Community Nursery in inner-city Birmingham was one of the recipients. They were thrilled to receive the donation and are now using it to create a warm and comfortable environment for the children in their care.

  1. The Hive in Kingston upon Thames also received a donation and is using it to transform their space. Kingston Hive is a collective of local volunteers taking over a vacant space in the town centre and transforming it into a vibrant hub to benefit people and the planet.

  2. Elim House Community Association in Southwark, London, is using the carpet to help a specific individual on a housing estate who currently has no flooring, as well as two more residents at other addresses. This will make a significant difference in their lives, providing them with a comfortable and clean living environment.

  3. The Rehoboth Community Outreach Club works tirelessly to alleviate food poverty and reduce social isolation amongst the homeless, the elderly, and families in their community. They too are going to use the donation to distribute to the individuals and families they support, helping them to decorate their homes without worrying about the cost.

Donating leftover items from events is a win-win for everyone involved. It helps charities and communities in need, reduces waste and promotes sustainability. It's encouraging to see companies like Evolve CSL taking a proactive approach to help others and make a positive impact in the world.

It was a pleasure working with Event Cycle to repurpose materials from the show. They made the whole process simple and easy and we are looking forward to working with them again at future exhibitions. I highly recommend getting in touch with them ahead of any show you are planning.
Elizabeth Haworth, Evolve CSL

If you're planning an event, consider donating any leftover materials to those in need through Event Cycle. You never know how much of a difference you can make.


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