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Creating a Lasting Legacy: Quadrant's Commitment to Sustainability & People

"The Quadrant Events team would like to thank Event Cycle for their remarkable work and unwavering commitment to sustainability. At Quadrant Events, sustainability is a core value, and we are proud to partner with Event Cycle in repurposing our graphics. Their dedication to donating these materials to organisations, who are making life-changing differences, aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we are making a positive impact and driving change towards a sustainable future."

Quadrant Events pride itself on being the leading service-focused, complete creative solution for events. From AV hire, set design, and end-to-end event management to seamless technical delivery, staging and video production. Delivering such a wide portfolio of events, understandably, Quadrant is often left with materials after projects have been and gone.

Whilst trying to discourage any excess in the first place, where re-use is not possible, Quadrant are supporting their clients to follow Sustainable events practice in recycling. The events production company have gone a step further, allocating an annual budget to ensure they operate in a more sustainable way and support meaningful initiatives to make positive change!

A portion of this has been allocated to graphics and Quadrant are working with Event Cycle to repurpose the stretch fabric left behind to ensure it has a longer life and a social purpose.

Quadrant Events is passionate about people, sustainability and equality and in recent months, with their donation, Quadrant has helped four life-changing organisations that share these values.

The GINA Project CIC provide immediate specialist counselling and bespoke products and resources for individuals subjected to sexual violence and abuse. Distinct from traditional charities that offer essential services, GINA offers a unique approach by collaborating with survivors in crafting resources, products, and events. At the core of GINA's mission lies the unwavering belief that, with compassionate support and empowering opportunities, every individual can transcend mere survival and find true thriving after trauma.

The graphics donated by Quadrant will be used as backdrops and table covers for their events/stalls that they hold in the community to fundraise for their cause.

The second organisation to make use of the graphics was Academic Mentoring. Academic Mentoring provides education, mental health support, debt relief, workshops, courses and community activities to help educational organisations, schools and charities. The fabric they received will be used as outdoor partitions so that children can play in seclusion and within their hall to ensure the space looks more like a sports hall.

Not too dissimilar with their choice of repurposing the material, Hoofprints Miniature Haven are using the stretch fabric to surround their miniature horse enclosures both at their home/stables and when they are taken out to shows and encounters to make a more pleasant environment and experience for the horses and the visitors. Hoofprints focus on animal rescue and rehabilitation as well as rehoming and horticulture education. Alongside this they also offer recreation and countryside activities. The core purpose of their work is driven by the understanding that animals require a safe haven, and they are dedicated to offering education and therapy in support of this cause.

And last but not least, Little A.R.K. are a community project focused on providing work for those that find it difficult to access it, using surplus fabric that would have gone to waste in creative ways and supporting projects in the local area including producing 30,000 scrub caps during the pandemic and creating art installations.

Little A.R.K. will be using their portion of the donated graphics on a project in association with local hospices to create tote bags for relatives to take their loved one’s items home with them once they've passed. Currently, families are given belongings in bin bags or plastic carrier bags and Little A.R.K. want to change that to make sure the families are treated with the utmost respect during such difficult times.

Quadrant Events' dedication to sustainability not only benefits their clients but also extends a helping hand to those in need, showcasing the power of repurposing for a brighter future. Long may it continue.


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