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ICC Wales Sets the Stage for Sustainability with Event Cycle's Support

At a few recent events hosted by International Convention Centre Wales (ICC Wales), a vast array of items were donated or left behind by event organisers, creating an opportunity for the convention centre to work with Event Cycle and work some magic. With a commitment to repurposing and giving back to communities, Event Cycle stepped in to distribute these items among charities, community groups, and social enterprises, ensuring they find a new purpose for them in Wales rather than see them go to waste.

Four deserving organisations were recipients of these items, each with a unique vision for how they could benefit their communities.

One of the fortunate organisations to receive Event Cycle's support was St Vincent, an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage. Based in Newport, their charity shop was delighted to welcome a base work shoe display that holds six individual shoes. This visually appealing display promises to attract more customers and generate valuable funds to aid those in need.

Second, on the donation delivery schedule was the YMCA's Cardiff Young Carers Project, which supports young individuals with caring responsibilities. Branded tote bags, juggling balls, and box-framed vanity mirrors were donated to enhance the lives of these young carers. These thoughtful contributions will empower the YMCA community, ensuring that the kids who use their services are equipped with meaningful and enjoyable resources.

Thirdly, The Pantri, a volunteer-led registered charity focused on combating social isolation, food poverty, and insecurity, received a diverse range of items from ICC Wales. Notepads, polo shirts and lanyards will be put to great use amongst their 250 volunteers. The puffer zip up gilets will go to two outreach charities The Pantri supports along with food for their homeless runs each week. They will be passed out to those that need them most. And the brand drinking mugs will be used as part of their food service.

Empowering Performers at The Albert Hall

And last but not least, The Albert Hall in Llandrindod Wells, a community-owned venue reliant on hiring income and fundraising efforts, also found immense value in the contributions from ICC Wales. A professional mixer sound board, powered speaker, and individually packed travel coffee cups were among the items donated. These resources will play a vital role in supporting the venue's groups of performers, such as 'Ah Players' and 'Ah Kids,' and fostering engagement with other community groups utilising the space.

Revamping Roll-Up Banners

Also hiding in the ICC Wales store room were 28 pull up banners left behind by event clients. These banners will be diverted from landfill and repurposed too. The metal bottom cassettes will be reskinned with new graphics for charitable organisations that are part of the Event Cycle network and cannot afford their own marketing materials. In addition, the old PVC parts are responsibly recycled through specialised channels with our trusted partner, RHM. This collaborative effort ensures that the banners are given a new lease of life, contributing to the reduction of waste and the support of charitable causes.

Through their dedication to repurposing these event items, ICC Wales has transformed what could have been waste into opportunities for positive change. By diverting these resources from landfill and connecting them with organisations that serve the community, ICC Wales and Event Cycle prove that sustainability and community support can go hand in hand.

ICC Wales Energy and Sustainability Manager Fitzroy Hutchinson said:

“We are committed to working with our event partners to eliminate waste wherever possible throughout their time here and when they pack away at the end of their events. The recent SQLBits Data Platform Conference was a good example of an event that really wanted to work with us proactively to make sure that a number of items would be repurposed effectively. It was fantastic that we were able to work with Event Cycle who managed to find such deserving charities and community groups to benefit. The introduction of Event Cycle will help our clients focus on the type and amount of waste that is generated, and whatever remains will find its way into the circular economy.”

To learn more about Event Cycle's mission and discover how they can help your organisation create a lasting social impact, visit Together, we can create a greener future, one event at a time.

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