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Planted wall lives on in the community

We all want to do better when we build events, whether it’s making the guest experience memorable, exciting and valuable or trying to produce less waste from the events we create. Cogs & Marvel understand both of these aims very well. A live and digital brand experience agency, Cogs & Marvel put storytelling at the core of what they do ensuring that each detail is thought about from the start of life to the end. This doesn’t just apply to the experiences they design but to the materials that make up the events too.

A recent event for their client, Chrome OS, was designed with the natural world in mind with a featured plant wall created using troughs, shelves and over 200 plants of varying heights. The plants included ferns, grasses, bushes, lavender, violas, daisies, shrubs, marigolds and petunias to name but a few.

Rather than build a wall full of plastic plants that would have no doubt been a one-use item, the team at Cogs & Marvel chose to create a living wall knowing the plants could go on to live another life after the event was done.

Working with Event Cycle ahead of the event, a route was planned for the plants with a charity called The Flowerbank. The not-for-profit aims to reduce waste in the flower market by working with retailers, florists and suppliers to turn end of shelf life flowers into beautiful arrangements. The arrangements are made by young offenders who are looking to change their lives and improve their career prospects. These arrangements are then delivered to care homes, day facilities and community buildings for all to enjoy. On top of this, some planted elements are used in their gardening workshops or are often given to charities in their network.

Some of the plants from Cogs & Marvel were used by The Flowerbank and others were given out to charities in their network including Friend in Need Community Centre which was hosting a flower show the weekend following the event.

Why not work with Event Cycle from the beginning of your project, planning in the end destination of the plants before your guests sit down for dinner. You can then share the sustainability and social impact story whilst your event is taking place.


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