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Whitespace Group's Sustainable Giving

Whitespace Group, an industry leader in exhibition stand solutions, has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through both innovation and charitable contributions. Their dedication to sustainability has won them multiple awards including their Platinum Win at the World Exhibition Stand Awards in 2022 and recognition by ESSA for setting new standards in sustainable event operations. 

With this in mind, when they had surplus event items they no longer required, Whitespace Group wanted to ensure these resources found meaningful purposes which reduced waste going to recycling or landfill and had the added benefit of helping out community organisations in need. 

Among the items donated to the community were rolls of brand-new, unused flooring, pristine and ready for use. Additionally, three red locker/sideboards and a glass grey cabinet were too. These resources found new homes in the hands of organisations dedicated to making a difference. 

No Floor No More CIC, an initiative based in St Albans, tackles housing issues, advocating for changes in council house refurbishments. When a council property is reissued it is required to be completely stripped. Properties are stripped no matter the condition of the existing flooring; leaving tenants without the bare essentials. The CIC received vinyl flooring and carpet from Whitespace Group, materials that will significantly improve living conditions for tenants No Floor No More work with as well as reducing waste. 

Latin American House, a long-standing organisation dedicated to supporting Latin American migrants and their communities in London, received IKEA cabinets and a metal display case. They run one of the oldest Spanish-speaking nurseries in London, offer legal and social advice in relation to benefits, housing, and employment law, as well as providing opportunities to acquire life-long skills and a place to meet people, share ideas and enjoy the rich culture of Latin America. They will be using the cabinets and display case to store essential documents and showcase arts and crafts created by their community. 

Through Whitespace Group's thoughtful actions, surplus resources have been repurposed to benefit communities and advocate for positive change, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and excellence in service.

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