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The O2, from Arena to Action: Giving Olivia Rodrigo’s purple tour carpet a second life

The O2, which is owned and operated by AEG Europe, is the world’s most popular live entertainment, leisure, and retail destination, and has been visited by over 100 million people and sold over 30 million tickets since opening in 2007. The arena has played host to some of the biggest names in music, comedy, sport, and entertainment, including Madonna, Prince, The Spice Girls, Peter Kay, Elton John and more.

The team at The O2 were in contact with Event Cycle, asking us to redistribute a specially created purple event carpet following a spectacular arena residency by the international popstar, Olivia Rodrigo on her 2024 GUTS World Tour, to ensure it was redirected from landfill and put to good use. The purple carpet was installed to further enhance the fan experience at the event and create the ultimate selfie moment for fans entering the venue.

The GUTS tour was Olivia’s first UK arena tour, which included four nights at The O2. The singer has received seven GRAMMY® Award nominations and was named New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, Woman of the Year at Billboard’s 2022 Women in Music Awards and Songwriter of the Year at both the ASCAP Pop Music Awards and Variety Hitmakers.

The O2 and AEG Europe emphasise that sustainability is one of their biggest driving forces behind the decisions they make as a business. From traditional measures such as powering events by 100% renewable energy sources, to ensuring zero waste to landfill, or trialling the world’s first carbon removed arena events in February 2024 with The 1975.

Event Cycle was able to help two charities within our network with the much-needed carpet donation.

Accessi Blues get a splash of purple

Accessi Blues consists of a group of volunteers who care about disabled people, supporting them with social events and activities, but they want to do more!

The team have ambitions to become a fully-fledged charity organisation who not only help with advice and support at local football matches, but also put on free events which bring disabled people together.

After receiving the donation alert from Event Cycle, Accessi Blues got in touch, saying that they had some service users in their network that were in need of carpet. With this donation, the users will be able to carpet their accommodation without material costs. 

Receiving free of charge items for their group, helps them save more money to go towards enhancing their events and creating more…

Eco superstore steps closer to becoming a circular economy hub

Event Cycle has been collaborating with REMO for over a year, and we’ve witnessed their remarkable growth in serving their community:

For nearly 20 years, REMO, a social enterprise and charity based in Cambridgeshire, has led the charge in rescuing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling materials, transforming them into sustainable, useful, and creative products and services.

Recently, REMO shared exciting news: after a decade of renting, they are converting a newly acquired 14,000 square foot site into a Circular Economy hub. This innovative project will include hot desking, a café, a maker space, and more. True to their mission, REMO plans to source materials first, then use, convert, or alter them to create the space and facilities. 

Among the features of their new space will be a dedicated area for carpet reuse for the local community.

“Some items are used or distributed immediately as the REMO on-site team has a large list of goods and materials to source and if any items are not compatible or not practical to use, we may pass some of the items through their scrapstore to support local groups and to help raise money for their Social Enterprise.”

The O2 and AEG Europe have shown that by operating responsibly and staying true to their sustainability ambitions and ideals, they can help make a real difference and benefit those in need, on the way.

Are you ready to take your events to the next level of sustainability? Partner with Event Cycle, your bolt-on sustainability team, and make a positive impact with every event you host.

At Event Cycle, we specialise in giving a second life to event materials, ensuring nothing goes to waste. From décor and furniture to supplies and equipment, we find new homes for your items, benefiting local charities and community groups. By working with us, you not only reduce your environmental footprint but also support meaningful causes. #EventCycleIt


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